Heartless Hero


There are rules to being Abigail Crowne’s bodyguard, rules to watching the infamous billion-dollar heiress, otherwise known as the Reject Princess.

Never forget your place, always put the Crowne name above all else, and never, ever hurt the Reject.

Especially don’t torment the Reject.

Even if she is a spoiled brat.

So when an opportunity presents itself to punish her, you definitely shouldn’t take it.

Then again, Abigail loves to be tortured, and I’ve waited patiently for revenge.

I’ll keep her safe... with cruel protection.

Love is off limits with Abigail Crowne, but no one said anything about hate.

“The chemistry and angst bleeds from each word. Heartless Hero is the epitome of what an enemies to lovers romance should be.” Sarah, Musings of the Modern Belle⁠

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“You really fucked up this time, Reject. No daddy alive to love you. No grandpa to pretend to love you.”
Abs shifted at my words but said nothing.
“Is that why you’re so angry, Reject? I’ll be your daddy, if you ask nicely.”
Eyes still out the window, she said, “Fuck. You.”
I shook my head, halting my smile with my tongue. “That’s not very nice.”
The whistle of swan wings sounded. I walked to her, taking a spot next to her against the window, blocking her view. She shifted her eyes to the door, muttering, “Asshole.”
“You think that’s all I am?” I pulled one of the crates from the stack beside her. It caused the one she was on to rattle, and she fell to the floor.
I stepped on either side of her, pinning her with my legs so she couldn’t get up. “If I was only an asshole, you wouldn’t have anything to fear.”
She stared up, eyes wide and betraying her hesitation, before she shook it off with a glare. I bent down, leaning forward until I could taste her breath, placing a knuckle to her chin. She jerked, but didn’t move.
“When I make you cry and scream, it’s because you’ll like what I’m doing so much…” I placed my other hand on her bare thigh, just beneath the hem of her dress, and she swallowed, throat bobbing. “You’ll beg me not to stop, Reject.”
I trailed my knuckle along her jaw, stroked behind her ear, and grasped her silky hair, tugging her ear to my lips.
“And now you have no one left to love you. No one. Not your daddy. All you have is me.” I licked her ear, tongue caressing along the shell, top to bottom, before biting the lobe. She breathed in a way that sounded suspiciously like a sigh. I tightened my grip on her hair. On her thigh. “Only me.”
At the same time she shivered, she said, “Stop.”
There was no force in her voice, but I did. I stood back up, and she tried to scramble away, but I stopped her with my shoe, digging into her thigh.
“Let me go, dog,” she spat.
Her dress had ridden up, her panties now visible.
“God, you’re so fucking wet.” I laughed, then kicked up the rest of her dress with my other foot. “Is that for me, or are you really a whore?”